SALATA is an Egyptian company specialized in cultivation, processing and distribution of Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables to the global market; offering to our clients premium quality products with competitive prices. From fields to retailers we have more than 10-year experience in the cultivation of a wide variety of horticulture products.

SALATA was founded in October 2017 when NAPTA for Hydroponics Systems solution, specialized in producing Lettuce and herbs such as Basil and Mint; joined the ELWAN Family Business, specialized in organic and common cultivation. This merge gives SALATA the advantage of specialty in a wide range of products.

our values

  • Stop Food Waste.

  • SALATA is contributing in a "Less Food Waste" global campaign
  • Frozen products reduce customers' food waste
  • Extended shelf life and easier to divide into portions
  • SALATA is investing in the processing of food to reach a more controllable consumption
  • integrated prevention of food waste in the whole of our business' operations

According to world bank In developing countries 40% of losses occur at post-harvest and processing levels while in industrialized countries more than 40% of losses happen at retail and consumer levels.

FAO sees that Strengthening the supply chain through the direct support of farmers and investments in infrastructure, transportation, as well as in an expansion of the food and packaging industry could help to reduce the amount of food loss and waste.

  • Save Our Planet Resources.

  • SALATA has chosen the Aquaponic system to produce nutritious food using less water
  • Environmentally friendly, Our System provides a natural growing method for food
  • We have combined the most effective elements of aquaculture and hydroponics to avoid adding chemical fertilizers

Our world's resources are rapidly declining in numbers, and we're in desperate need of a sustainable food system that everyone can make use of. Aquaponics is one of the most effective solutions for this problem, because an aquaponics system replicates an existing natural ecosystem

Our Mission
To deliver, and supply to the global market premium quality of fresh and frozen products.
Our Farm
Fresh crops are grown mostly in Sadat city (Monofia governorate – Egypt) where SALATA has developed and integrated its hydroponics and Aquaponics systems.
Wide range of products are being produced in our open fields like strawberry and okra.
In compliance with international food safety standards, we cultivate, treat, and harvest several crops; to achieve optimal results for a final product.
We carefully chose skilled farmers supported by the best techniques of agriculture practices to keep up with the standards and maintain our quality.
Our Factory
Our Factory, located in Obour city (Qalioubya Governorate -Egypt), has a state of art processing system, and specific recommendations of packing. The SALATA Factory - where the receiving, sorting, washing handling, blanching, freezing, cooling and packaging take place - implement all processes under high quality control procedures according to international Food Safety standards Through designed operation and Full Traceability process, our commitment to hygiene is clear and our obligation to food safety rules is sharp; and accurate control measurements and analysis are applied SALATA has established its factory based on IQF/air blast technologies counting on a very qualified stuff to permanently guarantee a distinguished level of production maintaining our valuable customer' satisfaction.