Fresh & Frozen Herbs

Our fresh products are shock frozen (IQF) in their original condition. This process allows for the unproblematic extraction of individual fruits, fruit mixtures, and client-specific mixtures in portions. Is your desired product or mixture not available? Please feel free to contact us

In our cold stores we distribute fresh, green, clean and crisp, whole leaves are cleaned, blanched then frozen immediately to ensure that spinach is frozen fresh without any loss of vital nutrients.

Specialized in producing the highest quality of this raw vegetables. The fresh leaves are pulled and cut in a manner that preserves its natural shape. This product is always appreciated by the Egyptian consumer

Our Climate is perfect to grow our great coriander with the optimum nutritional value. All parts of the plant are edible but the fresh leaves and the fried seeds are the part used in cooking

Our team has 10 years’ experience in growing all kinds of lettuce (Iceberg – Btavia – Okleaf – Romain – Mix Baby Leafs). We are leading producer and distributor for the lettuce in the local and regional market. Our lettuce is hydroponically grown

Extremely fresh in nature and free from bacterial infections. Our mint leaves have rich aroma. Used to prepare different medicines and receipts. We are dominant in producing hydroponically grown mint

Mega Source of Vitamin A. hydroponically grown, our basil leaves are provided fresh or frozen, harvested at the peak of maturity. Italian and Baladi are available

Finely chopped Parsley with low number of stalks. Parsley is an aromatic, spicy herb of high nutritional value. Delivered Fresh and Frozen.

Dill Fronds have a fine aroma and are ideal for making fine salad dressings. Frozen dill is ready to cook and easy to sprinkle in its frozen state.