Fresh & Frozen Vegetables

Our fresh products are shock frozen (IQF) in their original condition. This process allows for the unproblematic extraction of individual fruits, fruit mixtures, and client-specific mixtures in portions. Is your desired product or mixture not available? Please feel free to contact us

Our IQF onions are organic and common, slices or as per customer requirements, carefully processed, stored and distributed in our cold chains. Besides, SALATA provides Fresh Onions with all its varieties (Red – White – Brown Yellow – Sweet - Scallions) different sizes can be afforded

Different quality standards (Extra fine, very fine, semi fine and fine), whole and cuts, our green beans are rich and free from veins (Diameter 6-10 mm, length 8-11 cm)

Available in five grades to fit your needs: Okra Extra Fine, Okra0, Okra1, Okra 2. Free from chemicals and additives, not cut to keep its freshness and top quality.

Available in different cutting length (10-20, 20-40, 30-50, 40-60 and 60-80 mm). Manually trimmed, washed, blanched and immediately frozen to keep its vitamins mainly existing in its stem.

Grades A/B (Bottoms/Hearts/Quarters), Bottoms are small (3:5 cm), Medium (5:6 cm) and large (7:9 cm) in diameter. Processed from conventional and organic, well selected artichokes – Flexible technical specifications and bulk pack size without preservatives

Frozen Pepper in strips or cubes. Red, green and yellow are available fleshy with aromatic quality. Individual or any mixture upon customer request. Strips long from 3-7 cm long stipes or cubes (10x10 mm)

Frozen asparagus, dark green spears, approx. 15 cm long. More tasteful and rich in vitamins due to its high chlorophyll content

We operate carefully planned crop rotations to optimize soil health and minimize the presence of pests thus reducing our reliance on fertilizers. Our stores capabilities allow us to keep Potatoes in the best quality possible. Our Team is specialized in cultivating Spunta Potato but other types like Kara, Rosetta, Nicola and Diamente are still available. Sizes and Packaging are negotiable

Tender, uncalibrated Peas, washed to grant 100% clean Product and quickly frozen to maintain their taste. Peas rate among the most commonly cultivated and popular vegetables.

We offer sweet Potato. They are carefully peeled and uniformly cut, blanched and frozen. The final product will give a shiny color to your dishes. Still we can provide it Fresh

Whole, peeled garlic segments, unblanched. The typical aroma is what favors Mediterranean dishes. The whole segments or cubes are added to dishes in their frozen state

Fresh, dried and frozen, sliced, diced or whole, with/without skin, cut in 10x10 mm cubes or upon customer request. Tomatoes are ready to cook and added to numerous dishes and sauces. We guarantee tomatoes with more than 94% of water content.

Frozen or Fresh, slices, cubes or sticks. Appetizing slices in uncalibrated wave cut, diced (10x10 mm) or in fine sticks (length 2-4 cm)

Medium/small sizes, good shape, shiny or waxy surface, green color over at least 2/3 of the exterior. Free from any preservatives and chemicals. We offer cucumbers in safe and hygienic packaging. Pickles are available.